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In Memory of my beloved Mother,
Elaine K. Hunter
10/19/1935 - 11/4/2011

My precious Mother, Elaine K. Hunter passed away on November 4th, 2011 from post-polio syndrome. She was a woman of great courage, strength, beauty, compassion and integrity. She lived her life with passion and a joyous spirit. Elaine had a deep and meaningful relationship with the Lord, and lived her life according to his word. Her favorite color was purple, her favorite flower....a single yellow rose.

Music was a vital part of my Mothers' life. Her magnificent voice and teaching abilities were definitely a gift fom God, and she used these gifts to glorify him. I learned so much from watching and listening to my Mom.......I attribute my success to both of my parents.

Family was also something my Mother held dear to her heart. I believe she treasured this aspect of her life the most. She loved her husband and children dearly, but when her grandchildren arrived...this made her life complete. What a wonderful Mother and Grandmother she was....I was so very blessed to call her Mom.

To lose my Mother was to lose my best friend. She was an inspiration to me and many others. I know she is home in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ leading the heavenly choir and singing of his glorious love.

"Oh, the pain we feel for somone lost,
the sorrow buried deep inside.
Lift your hearts your hands towards Jesus,
see His arms are open wide."
Laura Hunter, B.M., M.M.
Owner and Instructor of voice and piano
Hunters' Music Studio

Deer Valley Rd & Lake Pleasant Parkway
Peoria AZ 85383